Why should the harnesses be inspected?

Based on customer feedback, EDELRID have been alerted to the fact that the "ClickLock" buckles for the thigh loops on the harness types TREE CORE, CORE CL and CORE PLUS CL may be affected by a temporary manufacturing error. On the aforementioned harnesses, the buckles on the thigh loops may open when only one of the buttons is pressed (unintentionally).

Even if the buckle is open, the design of the harness ensures safety in loading direction (dropping from it is not possible) - nonetheless the error might lead to injury, if the buckle on the thigh loop opens unintentionally. This buckle type is used only on the thigh loop of the said harnesses.

To rule out any risk, EDELRID is requesting all users of said harnesses to immediately stop use and inspect them per the following instructions and resolution.

The following scenarios on the disconnecting of the buckle are within correct operation and do not warrant a return of the said harnesses:

  • Standard opening: Both buttons are pushed; the buckle opens:

  • "Serial opening", holding the buckle under constant tension: First, only one button is pressed and let go of, then the other button is pressed and let go of; the buckle opens:

The faulty buckles have been installed exclusively in the models TREE CORE, CORE CL, and CORE PLUS CL. Please, immediately stop using these harness models and check whether the buckle on the harness can be opened by pressing the button on one side only (see instructions).

  • Faulty opening: Only one button is pressed; the buckle opens.

If your harness has buckles that can be opened by pressing only one button, return the harness to the RETAILER you purchased the harness from. Harnesses with other buckle types on the thigh loops are NOT affected by this inspection request.

How do I find the article identification / article number?

The article number of the harness is behind the green cover on the inside of the right thigh loop. The first line shows the numeric code of the article number:

Article Size Colour Article Size Colour
Example: 8 8049 219 CORE CL S-XL night-oasis

Check the harnesses with the following article numbers:

TREE CORE: 88050 – XXX – 219 0

88049 – XXX – 219 0
88049 – XXX – 017 0

CORE PLUS CL: 88058 – XXX – 219 0

How do I check my harness?

Please take the harness and check the two buckles on the thigh loops as follows:

  • Press only the upper button of the buckle, hold it pressed and pull at the other end of the webbing. When pulling on the webbing, the buckle must not open.
  • Press only the bottom button of the buckle and proceed as shown above.

If the buckle cannot be opened under any of these conditions when you pull on the webbing, the harness is okay.

However, if the buckle opens during any of these two check-ups, please return the harness to store you purchased the harness for a replacement harness.