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Australian Owned and Operated

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IKAR authorised servicing provider in Australia.

To ensure that your IKAR products continues to perform at its best, we recommend you have it serviced by an authorised IKAR service dealer. Our IKAR servicing team is licensed by IKAR GmbH to conduct inspections, recertifications and repairs for the entire range of IKAR products.

In addition, our workshop is able to service and/or re-certify Fall Protection equipment such as Fall Arrestors, Harnesses, Slings, Tripods, Davits, Lanyards, Descenders/Ascenders, Pulleys, Ropes, Helmets and Carabiners at our service centres.

We have active members on the Working at Height committee for Standards Australia and qualified height safety and confined space entry trainers in our service team. They bring a vast amount of collective experience in the inspection of fall protection and confined space equipment and PPE.

Each IKAR product is different, we can provide you a fast, efficient and reliable analysis of what your safety equipment requires. We have the tools, equipment and experience to maintain your IKAR devices and conduct any necessary repairs that may be required.

We also guarantee that only genuine IKAR spare parts are used to ensure the smooth operation of your products for years to come. Our quotes are competitive and details all the repairs needed for the service with a quick turnaround. We are committed to ensure that your safety equipment spends more time with you than it does with us.

If however extensive work is required, we will inform you about potential delays before the product can leave our premises. In some cases if deemed uneconomical to service the damaged IKAR product, we will offer you a similar or close replacement in the same product range at a favourable rate.

Most of our IKAR servicing, inspections, repairs and recertification are done at our workshops in Australia. We can also offer on-site inspections and servicing of IKAR products if required.

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