We've been informed by Camp Safety about a functional issue detected with the Giant descender when it is used for simulated or real two-person rescue loads: we have observed that under high loads, it may be impossible to descend leaving the persons hanging on the rope without the ability to descend.

This may happen only for high loads, while the single person use is guaranteed.

No accidents or injuries have been reported.

The observed issue is related to an important feature of the product. For this reason, Camp Safety have taken the decision to start the recall procedure. Camp Safety have already identified the solution to the problem.

  • Camp Safety have made two mass productions of Giant and both of them are affected by this issue (12 17 and 03 18). Camp Safety are recalling all units from both batches.
  • All of the Giants will be repaired in Premana. We have already started the production of the replacement component and it will be available in early September.
  • New productions of the Giant will be available for deliveries after the management of the repairs. Camp Safety expects to restart deliveries in October 2018.

More details about the recall from C.A.M.P

On Thursday, July 19th 2018 C.A.M.P. was informed by a training centre of a functional issue when using a Giant in a simulated two-person rescue scenario.

This issue was related to the impossibility to start the rescue descent with a rescue load and it is due to a possible manufacturing defect of the internal mechanism for the batches 12 17 and 03 18.

For this reason it is not possible to guarantee the rescue load of 210 kg. For the affected units the maximum working load is approximately 120 kg for a 10 mm rope and 180 kg for a 11 mm rope.

All units of the Giant are still fully compliant with the marked standards for the single person use with all the compatible ropes.

The following single person loads marked on the device are confirmed:

120 kg for EN standards, 141 kg for ANSI standard.

The possible risk is that two persons hanging on the device attached to the rope may not be able to descend. No accidents or injuries have been reported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from C.A.M.P

Why is the Giant being recalled?

On Thursday, July 19th 2018 C.A.M.P. was informed by a training centre of a functional issue when using a Giant in a simulated two-person rescue scenario.

The matter was related to the impossibility to start the descent with a rescue load and it is due to a possible manufacturing defect of a component of the internal mechanism.

We have observed the possibility that two persons may remain hanged on the rope during a simulated or real rescue.

CAMP wishes to guarantee the best quality and functionality of all its products and we are aware that the rescue load is a main and fundamental feature of the Giant. For this reason the recall is needed.

Have there been any accidents or injuries with the Giant?

No accidents or injuries have been reported.

What actions did you take?

After the feedback, we have immediately analysed the issue, found the cause and identified the solution.

We have stopped all the deliveries, informed our subsidiaries and distributors, immediately worked on the recall procedure and started the manufacturing of the corrected component.

What should I do with my Giant?

Please immediately check if the Giant has one of the following batch numbers: 12 17 or 03 18. You can find the batch number on the lever’s side of the descender, it is laser engraved together with the serial number on the left of the CAMP Safety logo (see drawing below).

If you own a Giant from these batches please contact your shop or the C.A.M.P. distributor or subsidiary in your country and follow their instructions.

If the Giant has been already used, please pack your Giant and add an identification tag with your name, address, batch and serial number (you can used the form that you can find in the last page of this document).

If the Giant is new, unused and packaged this procedure is not needed: the Giant will be replaced with another one.

Your shop/distributor/subsidiary will give you instructions about how to send it back at our expense.

Can I keep and use my Giant for normal single person use?

No. We recommend to send the Giant back also if you do not expect to carry out simulated or real rescue operations: during the normal lifetime of the descender it may happen that it will be used with rescue loads and we want to be sure that a rescue can be carried out smoothly at all times.

How is the repair of the Giant being managed?

At our production plant in Premana, Italy, the pin at the center of the lever will be unriveted by means of a precision milling machine, the internal mechanism will be disassembled and after full verification, the defective piece will be replaced with the corrected component and the Giant re-assembled.

What is the timing for the repair?

The repairs will be able to start in early September following first production of the new internal part to be replaced.

Once we receive your Giant, three weeks is a reasonable maximum time to send it back to you.

How can I check if a Giant is a repaired one?

A “R” letter (meaning “repaired”) will be laser engraved after the batch number (i.e. 12 17 R or 03 18 R). From this you can check that a Giant has been repaired and it is able to perform correctly during rescue activities.

When will the Giant be available again for sales?

The Giant will be available on the market again during the fourth quarter of 2018.