Whether it's your profession or there comes the time where you need to get on the roof to repair a broken tile or clean the gutters and get rid of tree debris, you will need the necessary safety equipment to protect yourself from falling.

So if you are tradie, handyman, tv antenna installer, roof repairer, or the DIY guy who wants to clean its own gutters, HEIGHTech Safety recommends the following fall protection equipment:

  1. Ladder and ladder brackets. You will need a ladder suitable for the wall height and a ladder bracket will make sure that your ladder is secure.
    Our Popular Ladder Safety Equipment
  2. A safety harness. It may be the most expensive item but securing your safety is priceless. HEIGHTech Safetey has a wide range of harnesses to suit any budget.
    Our Popular Harnesses
  3. A safety Lanyard which connects your harness to the safety rope.
    Our Popular Lanyards
  4. Rope and Roof Anchors.
    Our Popular Ropes

A roofer's kit will also contain most of the safety gear mentioned above and we have them listed here.

Another interesting product that you may be interested in are the Roof Handles. This product make it easier to access any part of a tin roof surface and it's made from robust tough UV stabilised plastic. Have a look at the video here.