Single Sided Stepladders are ligthweight ladders offering strength and stability.

Double Sided Stepladders allows access from both sides and offers greater load bearing strength.

Multi-Purpose Ladders are versatile stepladders that can be separated and made into trestles.

Dual Purpose Ladders allow the ladder to be used in the traditional A frame configuration or opened into a straight ladder.

Step Extension Ladders allow the pratical use of a stepladder and an extendable straight ladder.

Platform Stepladders allow for a safe temporary work platform for working at heights.

Work Platforms are lightweight offering strength and stabillity.

Access Platforms and Order Picking Ladders are designed for safe, easy and efficient use around the warehouse or workplace.

Extension Ladders are available in aluminium and fibreglass for a wide range of applications.

Single Ladders offer strength and stability at heights.

Mobile Scaffold Systems are designed for fast, safe and efficient erection and use at the work site or around the home.

Heightech Safety Systems has a wide range of ladders, ladder brackets and ladder climbing systems available online for purchase.