DREAMWORLD has been issued three prohibition notices by Workplace Health and Safety QLD (WHSQ) inspectors over its Buzzsaw ride, relating to safety harnesses and staff access.

In a statement Dreamworld said it was also issued with several "prohibition" notices relating to its BuzzSaw ride, specifying concerns with the "maintenance safety harness anchor points" and an error regarding the "maintenance safety chain".

Dreamworld outlined the improvement notices in a statement released late yesterday:

  • Green Room Waterslide — the "Emergency Stop" button's colour is faded and the label contains the manufacturer's ride name not WhiteWater World's name.
  • WhiteWater World is required to submit a Chemical Register to notify WHSQ of storage of hazardous chemicals.
  • The Flowrider ride requires an updated chemical log book.
  • Staff working on the Flowrider are required to use upgraded Personal Protective Equipment (respiratory masks) when adding pool chemicals and should be trained in how to use the new masks.
  • A Flowrider plastic mat connection contained a sharp edge and was a potential scratch hazard. Dreamworld has repaired this.
  • Dreamworld requires durable tags for all electrical equipment/tools ("tag and test" tags).
  • A maintenance staff member working on the Escape from Madagascar ride did not comply with "work at heights" requirements.

In addressing the three "prohibition" notices, Dreamworld said it would undertake "independent certification to ensure the ride manufacturer's anchor systems comply with Australian standards".

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