Considerations for the use of personal fall protection equipment Introduction This information sheet gives very brief guidance on points to consider when selecting and using personal fall protection equipment such as anchor devices, harnesses and lanyards. It is intended for employers, supervisors and users of such equipment, as an indication of the types of issues which should be considered. It is summary guidance only. The order of items is not significant.

What training is required? WAHSA strongly recommend that all users of fall protection equipment are trained by a competent organisation. Training should include information on the selection of the correct products for the intended work situation and pre-use checks for specific equipment.

Considerations for the use of fall protection equipment

1. Suitability – have you got the right equipment and is it fit for purpose?

2. Condition – has the equipment suffered any damage and is it fit for use?

3. Traceability – do you know the history of the equipment and has it been cared for properly?

4. Compatibility – does it function effectively with other products?

5. Security – is the equipment (both the individual item and the system) fastened properly to prevent release?

6. Anchorages – are proper anchors available for the intended method and have you considered their strength and position?

7. Fit – does the equipment fit you and are you the right size and weight according to the manufacturer’s specification?

8. Age – has the equipment exceeded it recommended lifespan?

9. Clearance – is there a safe working height to allow equipment to deploy properly?

10. Selection – is the product suitable for the particular situation?