In the same week the confined space accident that claimed three deaths in a rural NSW property. three labourers die cleaning in a manhole in Mumbai.

This is another case of inadequate health and safety training, and safe work procedures for entering confined spaces.

The three labourers died in a manhole in Malad (west) after they stepped in to clean it on Thursday morning. They fell unconscious soon after they went in and were declared dead when taken to the hospital. The Malwani police are investigating the case. 

According to the police, four labourers were allegedly hired on a private contract for that job. Three of them, identified as Muktibhai Harijan, 30, Maya Harijan, 25 and Kashi Harijan 45, descended into the manhole to clean it when the mishap took place. The labourers had gone to Mankubai chawl near Malwani church around 10.25 am. 

Officials said the three fell unconscious inside the manhole. When they did not step out for a while, the fourth labourer who had accompanied them peeped inside to check on them and then he saw them lying in an unconscious state. 

The trio was pulled out of the tank and rushed to Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital where they were declared dead. Their bodies have been sent for autopsy. The police are awaiting the autopsy reports to ascertain the cause of death.


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