15 September 2016


On Tuesday 13th September 2016, the ARAA Board of Directors passed a motion to change current pre-requisites for ARAA level 2 and 3 assessments.

The minimum requirement to have a current First Aid Certification before a candidate can sit a level 2 or 3 assessment has been repealed.

This change is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATE as of 15 September 2016.

All other minimum requirements to sit an ARAA assessment are still in place, and current documentation is being updated to reflect this change.

The Board’s decision was based upon a number of issues, which had been raised with the Board over a period of time.

Discussions with Training providers and Assessors undertaken by the Board highlighted, that it had often been extremely difficult to ascertain whether a First Aid Certification presented at an assessment, was appropriate for works being undertaken by Technicians.

Also emphasised, were the issues surrounding the duration of the currency of a First Aid Certification in conjunction with an ARAA Rope Access Certification; Whereby, the assumption was often made that because a Rope Access Technician had a current ARAA Rope Access License, that the person also held a current First Aid Certification.

The ARAA Board of Directors strongly recommend, that all ARAA Rope Access License holders and their employers, ensure that all onsite First Aid requirements are meet, and that the required level and currency of this certification are maintained for the duration of any and all works.

Any questions regarding this change can be directed to ARAA Management on 0437 768 731.