Ferno Australia's newest addition to its edge management range is the IndustriPOD+ tripod. The IndustriPOD+'s easy-to-use and robust design makes it ideal for any heavy-duty confined space requirement where guaranteed performance is mandatory.

The new IndustriPOD+ features a one-piece fabricated steel head incorporating:

  • Two stainless steel pulleys which allows two devices to be attached to the tripod simultaneously
  • Three side plate anchor points and
  • Three tie-off points for rigging or stabilisation.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions, both the IndustriPOD and IndustriPOD+ are heavy-duty and durable tripods that exceed the criteria of most international standards.

A useful range of accessories is available to either make your life more convenient when using the tripod or to extend its usability.

The new IndustriPOD+ is available and in stock now. Phone or email us for more information. Or visit our website heightechsafety.com.au for more IndustriPOD+ specifications and details.